An Interactive Presentation of Thematic Symmetry (Chiasm / Parallelism)

Generated with the Chiasmatron 2000

Attribution: Bob Schlenker


Pass your mouse cursor over the passage. Hovering over a line of text will cause it to be highlighted along with matching elements. Hovering over a bar will produce the same result.

If a line of text is underlined, click on it. Commentary will appear in a window and the highlighting will remain. If you see a bar that looks different, click on it to produce the same result.

What are you looking at? This is an exhibit of the thematic symmetry that appears throughout the Bible. The passage of scripture is straight from the Bible. Nothing has been added or removed or shifted out of sequence.

What's the point? Be inspired by the awesomeness of the Author's Word. Meditate prayerfully on what you see, seeking insight about each thematic pairing. How are the elements alike? How do they differ. Why are they paired? If questions are raised that would not otherwise be raised, ask them. May the Author Himself grant you insight.

Tip: If it helps you see what you want to see, you can drag the pop-up commentary window around the screen.

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